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We know what protocols, 96-well plates or mastermixes are.
And that matters.

Track, organize, find
all in one platform

Our easy-to-use Lab Notebook helps you prepare,
conduct and analyze experiments in one place.
Forget your agenda, draft and paper notebook.
Say "hello" to an efficient platform that will save your time.

Protect your IP

If you are going to publish in Nature next week, or believe your results could be patented, take a look at Hivebench's signatures and audit trails.
Stop thinking security and usability cannot work together...
Just enjoy to use Hivebench on a day-to-day basis!

Lab team spirit

Research is a collaborative process, and sharing knowledge allows you to save time and value your results.
Learn how to manage reagents and protocols with teammates and create notebooks to work together.
With Hivebench, you will easily create a knowledge database and maintain your Lab memory.

Hivebench is free. Signup in 60 seconds.

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What is my commitment?

Hivebench is an online service.
We make it simple to delete your account at any time.

How much does it cost?

At this time, Hivebench is Free for online accounts. You can also install Hivebench on your own servers at a cost.

What are the benefits?

Hivebench will help you to manage your protocols, experiments, results... at desk or at bench using the iPad/iPhone app.

Can I collaborate?

Yes, you can invite unlimited number of colleagues to work with you on your notebooks. It will be Free for them too.

More questions?

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One workspace. Multiple Apps.

Your data. When you want it. How you want it.

at your desk

Store your research on your Mac.
Always synced with your teammates.
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at lab bench

Our beautiful iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch app
brings your data everywhere.
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State-of-the-art security

We know your results are important.
And we are very protective of them.



Access to your data is controlled and restricted using authentication protocol (username and password).


Terms and Privacy

We contractually protect your data (private and research) and store in a secure data center.


Customer Support

If you have any question or need technical assistance, please contact us at hivebench@elsevier.com


Cloud Computing

Hivebench uses cloud computing technologies to secure your data while allowing you to access it from anywhere.


Encrypted data in transit

HTTP and SSL connections protect sensitive data transmitted to and from Hivebench.


Data Centers

We use the secure Amazon Web Service (AWS) technology to store your data.



Your data is backed up regularly to ensure recovery from our postgres database.


Electronic signature

We use electronic signature to warranty the property of your data. It's the first step towards FDA 21 CFR Part 11.


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